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    Meet the people that founded Serenity and help make it a wonderful
    place for our residents.
    We want you to be rest assured that your family is an extension of ours.

Meet Serenity's talented founders and caregivers.

Our Founders

Richard R Porter, President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Partner 

Tobi Lucero, Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, Founder and Partner    


Tobi Lucero, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, (LNHA)

Tobi has been in long term care for over 25 years. Since the age of 16, she has held positions in nearly every department across skilled nursing facilities in Utah and Idaho.  She completed over 8,000 hours as an Administrator in training, under two senior Administrator preceptors from 2007-2012. She has a proven track record of business intelligence and administration of skilled nursing facilities, along with outstanding leadership skills.  Tobi brings to Serenity the fortitude to handle a very fast-paced, high-acuity environment, with an excellent knowledge of Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations, as well as personal care regulations. As a pioneer trainer of the Minimum Data Set 3.0, she welcomes every challenge and truly cares for the lives that she has been able to touch on a daily basis. Tobi has always been a devoted advocate for resident care and for the team members with whom she has been honored to work with throughout her career.

Our Medical Director

M. Cole Johnson D.O. , Medical Director

Dr. Johnson was born in the small town of Jerome Idaho.  At the age of eighteen, Dr. Johnson began his college education at the University of Idaho.  While attending college, he worked summers for the United States Forest Service as a wildland firefighter on the Sawtooth Hotshot Crew. He postponed his college education to pursue the Forest Service as a career.  He continued to work on the Sawtooth Hotshot Crew, eventually becoming the Superintendent.

It was not until the age of 36, when he chose to resign from his position with the Forest Service and return to college. He resumed his education at the College of Southern Idaho.  It was here where two professors recognized his potential, and although already a non-traditional student, they encouraged him to seek a degree in medicine.  After graduation from CSI, he finished his undergraduate degree at Idaho State University, applied to and was accepted to Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and matriculated in the fall of 1993.  
Dr. Johnson was voted class president of his medical school class.  He and his fellow classmates started a medical school newspaper, and developed a yearly fundraiser for Special Olympics. The fundraiser is still active at the medical school to this day.  He graduated in May of 1997.

Dr. Johnson completed his post graduate education at the Family Practice Residency Program in Barberton Ohio at Barberton Citizen’s Hospital.  After graduating from residency he moved to Memphis Tennessee and completed a procedures and obstetrical fellowship with Dr. William Rodney M. D.  He then had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of family practice physicians in Memphis.  This group managed the care for seven nursing homes in Memphis, and at this time, Dr. Johnson honed his skills in residential care.

The travels through medical school, residency, and fellowship, although rewarding, were not home.  Dr. Johnson moved back to Idaho in 2002.  He started a practice from scratch, with no patient base and nothing but the desire to succeed, and built his current practice as it exists today.  When he returned to Twin Falls, he chose to remain involved in residential care.  He accepted an active residential care patient base.  He was the medical director for RiverRidge Care Center in Twin Falls from about 2008 to the closing of the facility in the winter of 2015.  He looks forward to the next challenge in medicine, in residential care, and the next adventure in life.

Onsite Clinical Therapist, and Compliance Officer

Jeff Lucero, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW)

Jeff has been in the Social Work profession since 1998, working with a variety of clientele. He has held various positions in Long Term Care since 2003, working with those in need of social and emotional support. His “Cause” as he describes it, is helping people across the developmental lifespan, with an emphasis on serving our community Elders.  He has been a healthcare consultant, emphasizing on Quality of life, preservation of dignity, and deconstructing the institutionalized medical model of Long Term Care.


Plant Operations Director

Dana Legaard, Plant Operations Director

Dana was born and raised in Idaho growing up on a small farm north of Gooding, where he learned the value of hard work. With Dana's father being an electrical and heating contractor, Dana started in the trades when he was 16. When Dana was 19 he decided to go the CSI for the GM automotive program graduating in 2004 with an associates in applied science. After working in the automotive field for quite sometime Dana decided to get back into the construction field,  eventually getting into maintenance having four years experience with a year and a half in long term care facilities. Dana has been with Serenity Health Care since the ground breaking of construction in the first Serenity building and brings a special knowledge of constructing skilled nursing facilities. Dana is certified in OSHA compliance. When not working he is spending time in the outdoors with his family and friends. Dana enjoys bringing his professional expertise and experience to Serenity Healthcare, LLC. 

Certified Dietary Manager

Letticia Gutierrez, Certified Dietary Manager

Letticia Gutierrez has been in a Nutritional Service setting since 2003 specializing in several different types of facilities in Utah and Idaho. She moved to Idaho in 2015 where she attended Kirkwood Community College to obtain her Certification in Nutrition Management. Letticia has also assisted in consulting for several different types of facilities, in their nutritional service departments, to guide staff in implementing sanitation and production policies to be in compliance at all times with state and federal guidelines. She also has worked alongside many Registered Dietitians who provided her with extra clinical guidance that makes her knowledgeable in Food Services and Clinical interventions while providing excellent and nutritious foods.

Letticia’s life long goal is to change the stigma of "Nursing home food" by providing home cooked meals from scratch, analyzing, and honoring the current populations’ food preferences. She continues to pave the way to culture change in all Nutritional aspects of Long Term Care here in Idaho.



Corporate Director of Human Resources

Buffy Fernandez, SSW, BSHS, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Payroll, AP

Buffy was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and has worked in the Human Resources field for 19 years, and 9 years as a Licensed Social Worker and Director of Case Management in skilled nursing, Long term care and LTAC facilities. Buffy has a passion for the work she does and will bring a lot of skills and knowledge to Serenity Healthcare. Buffy has extensive experience in opening hospital settings, policy and procedures, medical staff credentialing, QIS, DNV and CIHQ surveys. Serenity Healthcare is excited to welcome her aboard our team.